Official Development Assistance

The Ministry for Foreign and European Affairs strives to continue building a strong coordinating role with Non-Governmental Organisations.

The information provided in your application form will be used to check the eligibility of your project for the approval of Official Development Assistance (ODA) provided by the Ministry for Foreign and European Affairs (MFEA).

The Application should be read together with the accompanying "Guidelines for submitting Official Development Assistance (ODA) Project Proposals following the issue of a call by the Ministry for Foreign and European Affairs for implementation."

Applicants are to ensure that all necessary supporting documents are submitted together with this form. Following submission, the International Development Unit within the Ministry, as well as the specially appointed ODA Project Proposals Selection Board, reserve the right to request any additional supporting material for clarification purposes.

For any queries on completing this form, you may kindly contact the International Development Unit; by email to  or call 2204 2393, 2204 2383, or 2204 2275.

The portal is administered by the Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector (MCVS). For technical issues kindly contact MCVS on Tel: + (356) 2248 1110.

Submission of applications is free of charge.

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