Gozo NGO Scheme 2024

Designed to provide support and facilitate the realisation of small projects, activities and initiatives on the Island of Gozo by Voluntary Organisations.

The Ministry for Gozo & Planning Non-Governmental Organisations Assistance Scheme – known as the Gozo NGO Scheme; is a Ministry for Gozo and Planning (MGP) initiative designed to enhance the conveying of financial support towards specific Initiatives by Gozo based Voluntary Organisations that are operating within the Gozitan Community.

The general objectives establishing the Scheme are the following:

  • To address social, cultural and/or environmental issues within Gozo and its communities.
  • To promote sustainable community development within the Gozitan society.
  • To enhance the resourcefulness, capabilities and the capacity of Voluntary Organisations based in Gozo.
  • To support the work of Voluntary Organisations within the Gozitan society.
  • To promote and encourage a culture of volunteering and participation in volunteer activities in Gozo.
  • To stimulate co-operation and networking amongst Gozo based Voluntary Organisations.
  • To foster co-operation between the Voluntary Organisations and the Ministry for Gozo and Planning.

The maximum amount of financial assistance to implement any initiative in Gozo will not exceed five thousand euro (€5000).

The guidelines for the Gozo NGO Scheme are published on the Ministry for Gozo and Planning website https://gozo.gov.mt/ and the VO Funding Portal www.vofunding.org.mt.


Guidelines Gozo NGO Scheme 2024


Gozo NGO Scheme Results 2024